KUSF 01.12.10 In the Soul Kitchen DJ Harry D


Al Green-I Can’t Get Next To You-I Can’t Get Next To You (Hi/Demon-UK)
Ann Peebles-Beware-Tellin’ It (Hi/Demon-UK)
Otis Clay-Trying To Live My Life Without You-Best Of/The Hi Records Years (Right Stuff/Capitol)
Syl Johnson-Diamond In The Rough-Diamond In The Rough (Hi/Demon-UK)
O.V. Wright-Henpecked Man-Giant Of Southern Soul (Connoisseur Collection-UK)

Ann Peebles-Somebody’s On Your Case-Straight From The Heart (Right Stuff/Capitol)
Quiet Elegance-Mama Said-You Got My Mind Messed Up (Hi/Demon-UK)
Veniece Starks-Stepchild (Hi 45)
Irma Coffee-Anyway The Wind Blows-Hi Records 45 Collection, Vol. 2 (Hi/Demon-UK)
Denise LaSalle-Trapped By A Thing Called Love (Westbound 45)

Al Green-Love and Happiness-I’m Still In Love With You (Hi/Demon-UK)
Al Green-Air Force ROTC PSA spot
O.V. Wright-A Nickel and A Nail-Giant Of Southern Soul (Connoisseur Collection-UK)
Syl Johnson-Let Yourself Go-Diamond In The Rough (Hi/Demon-UK)
Otis Clay-Precious, Precious-Best Of/The Hi Records Years (Right Stuff/Capitol)
Quiet Elegance-You Got My Mind Messed Up-You Got My Mind Messed Up (Hi/Demon-UK)
The Masqueraders-Now That I’ve Found You-Hi Records 45 Collection, Vol. 2 (Hi/Demon-UK)
Ann Peebles-I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down-I Can’t Stand The Rain (Hi/Demon-UK)

Ike and Tina Turner-You’ve Got Too Many Ties That Bind (Minit 45)
Bill Coday-When You Find A Fool, Bump His Head (Galaxy 45)
The Detroit Emeralds-You Want It, You Got It (Westbound 45)
Betty Everett-Just A Matter of Time, Till You’re Gone (Fantasy 45)
Willie Mitchell-Up Hard-Poppa Willie-The Hi Years/1962-1974 (Hi/Demon-UK)

Al Green-Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams In My Arms)-Al Green Is Love (Hi/Demon-UK)
Otis Clay-I Didn’t Know The Meaning Of Pain-Best Of/The Hi Records Years (Right Stuff/Capitol)
John R./WLAC-Nashville-Baby Chicks Ad
Ann Peebles-Slipped, Tripped and Fell In Love-Straight From The Heart (Right Stuff/Capitol)
Syl Johnson-Come On Home (Hi 45)
Teacher’s Edition-I Wanna Share Everything (Hi 45)
O.V. Wright-I Feel Love Growin’-The Wright Stuff (Album) (Hi/Demon-UK)

James Gadson-Got To Find My Baby-Soul Searching (Hi/Demon-UK)
Syl Johnson-Steppin’ Out-Total Explosion (Hi/Demon-UK)
O.V. Wright-When You Took Your Love From Me (Backbeat 45)

Otis Clay-If I Could Reach Out-Best Of/The Hi Records Years (Right Stuff/Capitol)

1st Hour

2nd Hour

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